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October 2014
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Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci recap Week 4 in the NFL. They break down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ surprise win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Geno Smith dilemma with the New York Jets and how to game plan against a dominant player. Plus, San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy joins the program to discuss the outstanding play of quarterback Philip Rivers.



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Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci recap Week 3 in the NFL. They discuss their early season surprises, break down the Super Bowl rematch between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos and discuss “flash in the pan” quarterbacks. Plus, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett joins the program to discuss his team’s comeback victory over the St. Louis Rams, DeMarco Murray’s fast start and Tony Romo’s health.

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Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci break down Week 2 in the NFL, they discuss the New Orleans Saints 0-2 start and Kirk Cousins talking over as starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins after the RG III ankle injury. Plus, Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt joins the program to talk about the development of quarterback Jake Locker and rebounding from a Week 2 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. 

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Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci break down week 1 in the NFL and react to the Baltimore Ravens release of running back Ray Rice and the indefinite suspension by the NFL. Plus, Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith joins the program to talk about their big week 1 win over division rival the New Orleans Saints.

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Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci break down the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos’ coaching staffs and preview Super Bowl XLVIII, including a  coaching decision that could change the game. Also, the guys discuss whether or not Peyton Manning should retire if the Broncos win the Super Bowl. 

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Brian Billick is joined by Heath Evans and Willie McGinest to recap all of the biggest headlines from Championship Sunday.  From discussing the impact of a second Super Bowl on Peyton Manning’s legacy, to commenting on the weekend’s controversies surrounding Wes Welker and Richard Sherman, the crew breaks down all the news and notes from around the league heading into Super Bowl XLVIII. Don’t miss Coach Billick’s interview with Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, as well as Heath and Willie dissecting their former coach Bill Belichick’s formula for success in New England -- and how the franchise may need to evolve to ensure its winning ways continue in the future.

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Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci discuss their own coaching rivalries as Jim Harbaugh's 49ers and Pete Carroll's Seahawks get set to face off once again. Don't miss Mooch's experience coaching against Jon Gruden and Brian's battles with Jeff Fisher. The coaches also preview yet another classic showdown between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and tell you whom they would rather coach. Plus, which young NFL quarterback would they choose to lead their team? Find out on this episode of the "Coaches Show" podcast, previewing championship weekend.

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Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci are joined by Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera as he prepares for his team's showdown with the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round. Find out what he thinks will be the deciding factor in the matchup between electrifying quarterbacks Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick. Brian and Mooch also discuss the sensational performance by Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and his historic comeback victory. Plus, how do the San Diego Chargers match up with the Denver Broncos? Find out in this episode of the "Coaches Show" podcast.

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Brian Billick is joined by former NFL General Manager Charley Casserly for a behind the scenes look at "Black Monday" in the league, the process of hiring a new head coach and what lies ahead for the Washington Redskins. Plus, a preview of wild-card weekend. 

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Today on “The Coaches Show” podcast, Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci break down what Tony Romo’s injury means for the Cowboys as Dallas prepares to face the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 17. Peyton Manning broke the touchdown record in Week 16, so the coaches decided to share some of their favorite moments in Manning’s career. The coaches also give their take on key decisions by Bears coach Marc Trestman, Eagles coach Chip Kelly and Lions coach Jim Schwartz.

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